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mother and child, breastfeeding image inspired by maternity life and love
ink on paper
I remember precisely the day when I was drawing and painting this one.
It was a sunny day in Costa Rica. 
I was living in a small house close on the beach. 
I had just a small table, three chairs and two rooms there. 
Well, apparently it was enough to create something good.
No internet and no signal but of course I had my paper and my brushes with me. 
When I first started to paint this I had no idea this could be my most liked and pinned illustration.
I posted it on tumblr when I was at the LAX airport, waiting my flight to New York. I was going back to Italy for a couple of months to see my parents and I wasn't happy at all. 
But in a couple of hours I realised people were reacting very well to my post.
It was unusual for me, cause I dont' spend that much time on Tumblr so I don't have many followers there.
Today I have almost reached 1000 likes and reshares. I know it is not much for popular posts but for me... it's a lot. And I'm grateful.
And people are loving it on Pinterest too...so I'm very happy about it!

Maternity on Pinterest on Fashion illustration board 

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imagine from my instagram profile @Balgrittella
Tyoerwriting Art
If you like this illustration you'll probably be glad to know I printed it pretty much everywhere.
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If you want to read more about my life in Costa Rica and see some pics this post is perfect for you.



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