My New Etsy Shop: La Bella Ciambella

Aurora Gritti online shop sneak peek
Fan arts, art, illustrations and more in my Etsy shop Labellaciambella
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Sneak Peek

Here it is! I'm happy to announce my new Etsy Shop is online!!!
You'll find a lot of fan arts and delicious illustrations for your special occasions.
Greeting cards, portraits, little gifts and more!
Why is it called "La Bella Ciambella" ?

Funny fact about me: 
when I was a teenager I used to spend the Summertime in California with my sister and some friends. 
The last time we were there we had this crazy idea and we started to talk about open a Backery in Pasadena and call it "Bella Ciambella" ("beautiful doughnuts" in italian). 
Well in my family we have a real talent to create funny/catching name for imaginary shops but
this time I have to credit a friend of us who started calling me "Bella Torta" (beautiful cake). 
That sounded sweet to him...but we changed it into La Bella Ciambella.
The backery dream didn't come true (at least until now) but I still think that one is a super catching name so I decided to use it for my online shop.
 So, i really hope you'll like the shop. I'll try to upload something new every week and to keep the quality very high. I'm not going to sell stuff just to keep it going no matter what.
Here is a post about one illustration you can buy in the shop:
We love you Moms ♥

Do you want to open an Etsy Shop too?
With this referral link we both will receive 40 free listings!
Let's help each other :) 
If you'd like to support me you can find me on Instagram.
 If you like my art stay tuned and remember you can find more products in my Redbubble shop.

Lot of Love


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