Beauty Illustrations Week - #Kailijumei

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog.
Summer has begun and while most of you are thinking about flamingos and pineapples 
I'm only thinking about restyling my portfolio.
So I decided to change my inspiring subjects every week and this week I'm focusing on makeup and cosmetics from all over the world.

Browsing the internet I've found this incredible lipsticks collection by Kailijumei
This China-based store has recently introduced to the beauty scene a jelly lipstick with gold specks and Dried Real Flowers inside! 
Amazing, isn't it?
Well, that's not all we know about it. These lipsticks also change colors depending on your skin ph and your body temperature.
This is not even cosmetic anymore, this is pure magic.

Minute Maid - with an orange flower inside
It reminds me of the glass-encased rose from "the Beauty and the Beast" but as any beautiful fairytale it is…hard to find, I mean this product is already sold out!


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