06 gennaio 2017

Time is the most precious gift you can give to someone you love

AuroraGritti illustration

Fact number one is: You already know.
You already know this.
When you care about someone it doesn't matter how many times you text this person if you never give a real good call.
It doesn't matter how many times you call this person if when you are closer you don't spend time with her.
It doesn't matter how much time you spend with her if in the meantime you are not payin attention or you are thinking to someone else.
This is the reason why we need to choose a small group of people we love to spend time with, focus on them and make this people feel important. Otherwise it will all end to nothing.

Fact number 2: there are two different ways to give the gift of time to someone you love.
You can spend time doing things for or with this person.
Or, in case your loved one never have time for you, you can simply let this one go.
This way you'll be capable of the most incredible gift: more time.
More time for this person to spend doing things he/she really loves to do, with people he/she really love to be around.

17 dicembre 2016

My collaboration with Calzedonia for Calzedonia Lipstick Brochure

Here it is, 
a good sneak peek on the work I've realized for Calzedonia Brochure: Lipstick.

Aurora Gritti illustration

illustration de mode - Aurora Gritti

Aurora Gritti illustration de mode  

illustration de mode

 It's been a pleasure to be able to collaborate with such an amazing Italian brand.

Aurora Gritti illustrator
Thank you for reading me!

16 ottobre 2016

My New Etsy Shop: La Bella Ciambella

Here it is! I'm happy to announce my new Etsy Shop is online!!!
You'll find a lot of fan arts and delicious illustrations for your special occasions.
Greeting cards, portraits, little gifts and more!

Lot of Love


28 settembre 2016

25 settembre 2016

New fashion illustrations - my new digital word!

photoshop illustration
Tell me about her
A quick update about what I'm working on here in Costa Rica.
I'm so happy about my tropical life!
This place inspires me everyday to try new techniques.
These are two of my new fashion illustrations I've realized in Photoshop.
photoshop illustration
Summer kisses 

These illustrations have been inspired by Lazzari Store, an amazing brand you really need to check!

As usual, thank you for reading, 
enjoy and be kind.