25 settembre 2016

New fashion illustrations - my new digital word!

photoshop illustration
Tell me about her
A quick update about what I'm working on here in Costa Rica.
I'm so happy about my tropical life!
This place inspires me everyday to try new techniques.
These are two of my new fashion illustrations I've realized in Photoshop.
photoshop illustration
Summer kisses 

These illustrations have been inspired by Lazzari Store, an amazing brand you really need to check!

As usual, thank you for reading, 
enjoy and be kind.


06 settembre 2016

Tropical patterns on the way

mix and match

flowers pattern

watercolor pattern

aguacate guacamole

Hello there! 
I'm back after a while to share with you some new patterns I've been working on lately.
They are all made in watercolors and inspired by my tropical life here in Costa Rica.
Enjoy and share if you like.
I'll be back soon with more ;)

13 agosto 2016

A little taste of life, nature and art in Costa Rica

Painting on wood 
I don't have much words to describe how beautiful it is to stay here in this magical place.
I guess some pictures can tell you better all the little things that make me happy.

Mashrooms, art and sand - from Cabuya to Santa Teresa
My illustration, flowers cocktail and butterflies
I wanted to share this with all of you, especially my new work in progress:

drawing on wood
If you want to see more pictures you can follow my Instagram profile

Have a nice weekend
be happy, have fun
Pura Vida


22 luglio 2016

Lollipop girl in Lollipop day - Costa Rica: chapter n.4

watercolors + ink on paper
Good morning everyone,
here we are again, ready to start a new chapter in Costa Rica.
I'm back into the jungle!
It's been a week now and this is the first illustration I've realized since I arrived, mostly inspired by the beautiful and lively colors I see here every day.
It's rainy season in Costa Rica and the nature is absolutely astonishing.
my flower cocktail
Talking about nature, here is a funny decoration I made with lovely flowers floating into the water placed in a wine glass.
Now my work table looks much better.
See there?! This place is packed with butterflies flying all around me.

A couple of days ago I went out looking for new waterfalls in Cabuya/Montezuma area.
So this is me, trying not to fall into the water...
It makes me feel like Mowgli and I love it.
It's raining again now, outside as inside me.
Not everything is "sugar and spice" even when you get the chance to live in Paradise.
But we have art and nature and everything is evolving so… let's wait for the rain to end.
Let's wait for the sun to rise and shine again over our salted heads.

01 luglio 2016

Lancome Juicy Shaker - Are you ready to mix your cosmetic cocktail? #makeupcollection

Lancome lipgloss
watercolors on paper
Hey guys
Is this a Martini Shaker or a flavored lip-balm?
I'd say both!
If you shake it you will hear the sound of a real cocktail shaker, 
if you open it you'll find the innovative, supersoft, cushion applicator, 
but most of all, if you smell it you'll smell berries, mangoes, citrus, cinnamon and candies.